Insurance benefit plans

Welcome to Alberta Medical Supplies

Did you know your Insurance Plan may cover you for Medical Supplies?

Alberta Medical Supplies staff can help you understand your benefits plan and what you may be eligible for.

We work with all insurance companies for processing of claims. Here are some of the insurance companies that we work with to help you get the supplies you need:

1.)    ACAW-Health-and Wellness

2.)    Alberta Benefits

3.)    ARTA

4.)    ASEBP

5.)    Blue Cross

6.)    Blue Cross Nexus

7.)    Chamber of Commerce

8.)    Claim Secure

9.)    D.A. Townley

10.) Desjardin

11.) Encon

12.) Equitable Life

13.) Empire Life

14.) Great West Life

15.) Green Shield

16.) Group Source

17.) Industrial Alliance

18.) Manitoba Blue Cross

19.) Manulife

20.) Pro Benefits

21.) Sirius Benefits Plans

22.) Standard Life

23.) Sunlife

24.) Veterans Affair

For more information you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.